>How is this situation not 'South'?


Archivist pauses a moment at Sam’s question, seemingly finishing their strange transformation into a grey-faced weird thing.
They pause for so long that you think about asking if they understood the question before speaking.

ARCHIVIST: “Er. Good question. My dear sibling isn’t really all too concerned with anything besides the continued existence of our family. Humanity, the Location and the Earths in general are somewhat more secondary concerns.

SAM: “…”

ASH: “…”

ARCHIVIST: “Upon reflection, my dear sibling isn’t really a moral paragon. Rest assured, as long as you aren’t directly threatening us, they won’t actually act against you. Usually. They’re kind of… opaque.

SAM: “Well, what do we do now, then?”

ASH: “Find everyone else, I guess?”

ARCHIVIST: “Oh! I know where they are. They’re in the other rooms.

ASH: “But there’s the… black indestructible glass stuff in the way. I think the Archive person called it a ‘void wall’.”

ARCHIVIST: “Well, I can definitely help with that. Give me a second.

> So, where are they?