ASH: “See?”

SAM: “What the hell?

DANIEL: “This is what I was trying to say!”

SAM: “What shape is your room, Ash?”

ASH: “Square.”

SAM: “… Huh. That makes no sense.”

DANIEL: “You’re telling me. Telekinetically, this place is strange.

SAM: “What do you mean?”

DANIEl: “I can kinda… feel where things are, even when I’m not looking, and all the corners are wrong, here.”

ASH: “So, Dan, did you wake up in the third room?”

DANIEL: “I, Daniel, woke up in the room above Sam’s, and- oh.”

ASH: “What?”

DANIEL: “Someone just appeared in the third room. I’ll go see if they’re okay.”

> ???