Yup. Let’s go. You are not particularly interested in talking to this man who is, right now, pulling gigantic stone or glass spikes out of his torso.

With every motion he makes, you can hear the sound of something squelching or cracking as it realigns - even at a distance.

ARCHITECT: “My dears, you will have to excuse the frightful mess I’m in. My dear friend the Forest Viewer and his friends really did a number on me, haha.

CLARA: “Uh, the Forest Viewer?”

ARCHITECT: “Ah yes, I was somewhat confused back when I was disincorporated, wasn’t I? It’s what happens when your memories are kept in all sorts of places. Now, as I was saying, where were we?

BONNIE: “Uh, well-“

CLARA: “We were just leaving!”

BONNIE: “Right now!”

CLARA: “In a great hurry!”

> Make your excuses and GET AWAY.