>Check the body


Yup. He’s dead, alright.

BONNIE: “There’s a dead guy here.”

???: “Is there?

CLARA: “Look how tall he is, he must be something like seven feet tall.”

???: “Ah yes! That must be my mortal shell, from back when the Seer and his minions murdered me.

BONNIE: “That looks painful.”

CLARA: “Right. What’s the grey spiky stuff? Also, why are your eyes black?”

???: “My eyes are black because I’ve been dead a while and the grey spiky stuff was sculpted by the dear Knight Vitreous out of some kind of sand.

CLARA: “Is that really what happens to dead bodies?”

???: “Well, there’s a dead body there. Have a look. I think my Flesh does an excellent job of being dead.

BONNIE: “Ew. Orb thing, what are these robot things?”

> Check out some of the robots