>Turn your powers off!


You take a deep breath and reach out to the fuzzy crackling, the smell of storms and the flickering feelings that accompany your power, and you still them. You feel it as the hair on your neck stops prickling.

The Flesh of Arbiter stops moving, instead doing something more disturbing.

SAM: “Uh. Your skin… It’s peeling off.”

???: “…”

DANIEL: “What, it too?”

SAM: “There’s just grey underneath its skin!”

The skin comes off in ribbons, peeling upwards and disappearing into - well - nowhere. There’s no sound, not even a rustle or anything as grey claws, a lipless line of a mouth and an eyeless face are revealed.

The stillness would be absolute were it not for the pounding blood in your ears, or the occasional cough from Daniel.

> <=Θ=>