>Examine the slab.


SAM: “Should we, I dunno, take a closer look at it?”

DANIEL: “What, no!”

SAM: “Where’s your sense of adventure, then? There’s no other way out of this room.”

DANIEL: “My sense of adventure? How is that applicable here? I don’t want to go anywhere near the ominous thing which says ‘here lies the flesh of Arbiter’ on it. I get the strange feeling that it isn’t a good idea!”

SAM: “What else are you suggesting? And put that door down, you’ll put someone’s eye out.”

DANIEL: “I… Alright. I don’t know what else to do. And, look, the door’s down. Tada. Happy now?”

SAM: “Yes. And, well, I can at least take a look at the slab a bit closer up.”

DANIEL: “Don’t. Help me check the walls for any secret doors.”

SAM: “Can’t you just… tell? With your powers?”

DANIEL: “Apparently not. It’s easier to tap the walls and listen to whether it’s hollow or not than shove my - my energy through the walls.”

SAM: “Guh, okay.”

DANIEL: “And be quiet.”

You are about to move to the tedious task of pressing your ear to the wall, but something interrupts you.

> ~Θ=>