>Take a look at that graffiti.


The room smells slightly musty, and it brings faint memories of an old house you once… The memories are gone again, like smoke in the wind. The paint is pale green, faded and crusty. You have no idea what it is, and you’re not going to stick any in your mouth to work out what it is. No way. Ew.

This bit down here is odd, though…

SAM: “This is creepy.”

DANIEL: “Huh?”

SAM: “Is there any writing in your room?”

DANIEL: “Yeah. There’s a big ‘BE IMAGINATIVE’ sign on the wall. Someone’s doodled a smiley face in green underneath it.”

SAM: “Well, the same green doodle person has written ‘HEY SAM!’ and a smiley face next to the hole in my wall.”

DANIEL: “Weird. Talking of weird things, have you looked out your door?”

SAM: “What door?”

DANIEL: “You don’t have a door?”

SAM: “So it seems. You get the encouraging message and the door! I only get a weird ‘WELCOME TO THE HALLS OF ARBITER’ and some graffiti on it that says ‘LIES AND MONSTERS’. The rest of this room is blank!”

DANIEL: “Oh, ha ha. Can’t you crawl through this hole?”

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