Pick that thing up.


Is that smoke inside it?

???: “You!

ANDERS: “What? I can speak? And who said that?”

???: “I did, friend Mind Reamer!”

ANDERS: “The glass ball thing? What are you?”

???: “Wow rude! I am a who, not a what!

ANDERS: “Who are you, then?”

???: “I don’t know. I know that I have a name, but I lost it. I’m not all here.”

ANDERS: “What?”

???: “I have… extra bits. I am a voice but there is other things somewhere.”

ANDERS: “Do you know where the other bits are? Can I help you with that, maybe?”

???: “I don’t know.”

ANDERS: “Well, where could it be? There’s just that weird floating ruin outside. I should go and have a look.”

???: “I’d much appreciate that, friend! But I’m afraid it’s not possible at the moment.”

ANDERS: “Why?”

???: “Two reasons: everywhere outside of this room can be seen and you’re about to wake up.”

ANDERS: “Wha-“

> ==>