>Is Ash okay?


ASH: “I don’t know. Maybe there’s more stuff dribbling down my face.”

DAWN: “Well, your eyes are still a bit…”

ASH: “What?”

DAWN: “Green? But that’s not new, it looks like some of your veins are standing out and-“

ASH: “My eyes are green? Why’s that weird? Can’t eyes normally be green?”

DAVID: “Ah, what Dawn means to say is that your eyes are solid green. Sorry, I thought you knew.”

ASH: “Oh? Oh. I - Ah, w-what are we going to do about Anders?”

DAWN: “Maybe if I shield him and block his line of sight while we explain what’s going on.”

DAVID: “Are you okay with that?”

DAWN: “It’s not like I could put a hand over his eyes. I don’t know if that would count as him ‘seeing’ me or not.”

ASH: “Should we wake him up?”

DAVID: “I think it might be dangerous to, but I could check.”

> ~>