>What actually happened?


DAVID: “Er, I think he doesn’t have the power to handle the information he gets from people he controls.”

DAWN: “He must, or he’d get sensory overload and fall over from seeing the same thing from loads of angles.”

DAVID: “Well, yes, but I think part of my power is getting information about things I touch. And that sort of backfired on him?”

ASH: “What did you learn about your test?”


DAWN: “Agh! Does it do that every time we mention it?”


DAVID: “No, then. It’s not what I expected of a speaker, really. It’s a flat piece of really dense metal, which has a ‘voice’. It’s really abstract and I don’t think it’s made of, like, technology.

ASH: “That doesn’t make sense? Are we sure it doesn’t make sense, or do we just not remember?”

DAVID: “I’m not sure. I don’t even know how I’m meant to ‘silence’ this thing, anyway.

> Has Anders let you go yet?