>What does this person sound like?


There’s a gentle hiss at the edge of your hearing, but otherwise…

DAVID: “Um, miss, are you American?”

???: “Er… Maybe? That sounds not-quite right. Like the right general area, but… Hm. You sound like you’re from… South Africa ring any bells?”

DAVID: “That’s right! Why didn’t I know that before?”

???: “This place is weird. I mean, I don’t know how weird it is. I don’t have a reference. Like, I hid in the darkness to get away from the mind guy, but is it a thing I can normally do? I was surprised by it, but I don’t have any memories.

DAVID: “Are you alright?”

???: “Um. Yeah. I’m fine. Haha, I should be making sure you’re okay. Any more questions, mister…?”

DAVID: “I’m David. What’s your name?”

> Enter Name.