>Bonnie, can you do anything about it?


SAM: “Bonnie, can’t you do something?”

BONNIE: “Um, I dunno, mate. Even if I can heal other people, I don’t seem to instinctively know how.”

DANIEL: “Don’t touch me!

SAM: “Hey, hey. Daniel. Daniel! Listen to me!”

DANIEL: “Stop that!

SAM: “There is nothing to gain in freaking out right now! Take deep breaths. Stop using your power.”

A quiet moment that feels like an age passes.

DANIEL: “It’s not itching any more. I think it might go away.”

SAM: “You’re calm now?”

DANIEL: “As much as one can be when your skin is literally fragmenting.”

AIDAN: “You know, as much as this place wasn’t being nice and all, it’s being much worse now. We’ve got regeneration with inhuman limbs and telekinesis with skin cracking.”

BONNIE: “So which one of you and Sam wants to go first?”

DANIEL: “We’re still doing this?”

BONNIE: “Dan, we don’t have much choice.”

DANIEL: “It’s Daniel, and I see your point.”

AIDAN: “I’ll go next.”

> Aidan: go next.