>Aidan: Touch it with a bargepole.


You somehow knew it wasn’t going to be that easy.

AIDAN: “Well, that didn’t work.”

DANIEL: “That actually suggests that the door is intelligent. That’s worrying. Maybe we’re being watched.”

SAM: “If the door reacts like that, we’re almost certainly being watched.”

DANIEL: “Oh God.

SAM: “Hey, why don’t we try to trick the door! Daniel can ram the rod in when it opens, too fast for it to close.”

DANIEL: “No! That’s stupid. What if it manages to close the hatch before the stick hits? Then it’ll shatter or something and spray out as a cloud of extremely dangerous shrapnel.”

SAM: “Oh. Don’t do that, then. That would be bad.”


SAM: “Shut it. Bonnie, do you still want to go first?”

BONNIE: “Not relishing it, but sure. I’ll see if I can get a proper arm back for my right arm.”

DANIEL: “Aren’t you going to use your other arm instead?”

BONNIE: “Why?”

DANIEL: “Um… symmetry?”

> Bonnie: Get it over with.