>Sure, why not?


Let’s ‘BEGIN’.

SAM: “Okay, sure. Let’s begin.”

DANIEL: “Are you crazy? This will be a bunch more sadistic traps! I’m going to my room.”

AIDAN: “You know there’s nowhere to be going but up this way?”

SAM: “There is literally no escape apart from possibly this way. You’d just sit in that room until you died of dehydration.”

DANIEL: “Look, my room is safe, and more traps and puzzles are that way!”

SAM: “We don’t know that this way isn’t safe. We haven’t been given any traps that damaged us!”

BONNIE: “Ahem.”

SAM: “Permanently, sorry Bonnie.”

DANIEL: “And for what? Puzzles for their own sake? What the hell is this place, to demand that we run through it endlessly, completing puzzles with nonsensical abilities?”

SAM: “Literally, what else is there to do?”

AIDAN: “Maybe we should vote on it.”

DANIEL: “I don’t like this voting thing. That seems like a terrible way to run a thing, and I’ve said that before.”

SAM: “Yes, let’s hold a vote. All those in favour of ‘BEGINNING’, raise your hands.”

DANIEL: “This is rigged.”

SAM: “Shut up and let’s begin.”

> Commence.