>Daniel: Lay out some ground rules.


DANIEL: “Look, I don’t like you two and neither of you like me.”

SAM: “I don’t actually dislike you per se, you just seem pretty cross all the time.”

DANIEL: “Rule one: don’t attack me. I don’t care how much infighting there is, but I don’t want to have to fight anyone.”

SAM: “So generous.”

DANIEL: “Rule two: don’t follow me around like a pair of braindead sheep. I am not going to be the leader of this little triumvirate of twits. And me.”

AIDAN: “You sure you’re not one of the twits?”

DANIEL: “Yes I am sure. And rule number three is that you pair of idiots do what I say.”

SAM: “Not on your life.”

DANIEL: “What? That is a perfectly reasonable thing to ask.”

AIDAN: “I think the people who aren’t you win on the grounds that there are more of us.”

DANIEL: “I don’t think that’s a very good way to make decisions. Nothing will get done.”

SAM: “Well, I have the impression that democracy works best out of available systems.”

DANIEL: “How do any of us know? We have no memories!”

This conversation is going nowhere fast. You can only hope for a convenient distraction.

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