>Non-hostile: IIIII Hostile: II


Let’s be diplomatic, here. He looks like he’s about to attack you or bolt.

SAM: “Okay. We’re not here to harm you.”

???: “You are!”

SAM: “We’re not. My name is Sam. This is Aidan. We’re friendly, okay?”

???: “What is this place?”

AIDAN: “Neither of us are knowing at the moment. We’ve both got amnesia of some kind. D’you have it too?”

???: “I don’t trust either of you. I’m not saying.”

SAM: “Well, I understand your mistrust! It’s perfectly reasonable, given the circumstances.”

???: “So you aren’t trustworthy!”

SAM: “Wait, no! That wasn’t what I said! Please hear us out! If there’s more people, sticking with us’ll be safer than striking out on your own! Also, we may have information you need.”

???: “What sort of information?”

SAM: “Well, we know that you don’t know you’re from somewhere called America. Or the USA, maybe.”

???: “Yes. That’s true, but useless information.”

AIDAN: “Who knows, in this place. Anything could be useful.”

???: “Hmm. What do the pair of you do?”

SAM: “You first. That looks like telekinesis or something.”

???: “Hm. Maybe.”

SAM: “Um. Well. I do electrical things.”

AIDAN: “And I make things.”

???: “Well, that sounds ‘useful’.”

> =->