>Attempt communication.


You duly do so.

SAM: “Oh! You’re Irish! I don’t know why I knew that, and I don’t actually know where I come from, but I recognise your accent! Anyway, hello I’m Sam!”

???: “I didn’t know I was Irish.”

SAM: “That’s weird. Do you know where I come from?”

???: “Um… You sound like you’re from England, with something else in there too. I cannot be sure. Do you have any idea where we are now? Do you have amnesia too?”

You are from England. Why do you suddenly know that? How does memory work in this place? You know he has an accent characteristic of a place called Ireland, and that you have an accent characteristic of a place called England. You have no idea what either of these places are, though. And you know now that your accent is trace somewhere else, but you don’t have any idea where that somewhere else is.

SAM: “Yes, I have amnesia, and no, I don’t know where we are. I just woke up in a room round the corner. There was a puzzle. Was it the same for you?”

???: “That room. There was ‘use your imagination’ put above the door. And a puzzle I solved a few second ago.”

SAM: “And then you had an ability that solved the puzzle, right?”

???: “Y-yes.”

SAM: “What’s wrong? You seem pretty jumpy. I mean, there is technically cause for jumpiness.”

???: “I woke up in a place I don’t have the knowing of without any memories. What if everyone here except me is crazy? I mean, you don’t look crazy, but any of youse might be. And youse probably all have powers as well.”

SAM: “Well, I don’t think I’m crazy. And you shouldn’t worry about the other people.”

???: “Why?”

> Sam: show off your lightning powers in a totally nonthreatening manner.